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Creamy Cajun Chicken Meatballs are soft, juicy chicken meatballs slathered in a creamy gravy flavoured with cajun seasoning. This one-pot recipe is the perfect dinner option!

Creamy Cajun Chicken Meatballs in a skillet.

Hey there! This is Richa from My Food Story and today I have these delicious creamy cajun chicken meatballs for you. These things are legit if you like meatballs and everything creamy. We are talking about some serious comfort food.

Let’s just say that I have made these at least three times in the last week and there have been no complaints. And no leftovers because the pan is wiped clean by the end of the meal.

This is a real deal one pan recipe. We start by making these delicious meatballs which are seasoned with garlic and cajun spice, and then they are simmered in a super creamy sauce. These meatballs are chicken so they cook pretty fast and the parmesan and breadcrumbs in them keeps them nice and moist.

Close up on cooked meatballs.

You can easily swap out the chicken for beef or pork if you prefer read meat but I don’t think you’ll miss it. Because these meatballs have a ton of flavour and after simmering in the sauce for about 15 minutes, they’ve absorbed all the juices and are perfect.

This recipe makes a big batch – at least 18-20 meatballs so that you can feed a family of five. And if you have leftovers, which we don’t, just add a dash of milk or water while reheating them for the perfect gravy again.

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We love eating these with egg noodles or even garlic bread because when you are dipping into that perfect sauce, there is no holding back. You can make the meatballs ahead so that at dinner time, all you need to do is make the sauce and simmer them for a bit.

Meatballs in sauce being stirred with a wooden spoon.


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